Irish culture.

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The population of the Republic of Ireland is estimated at 3,621,000 (in 1996). Of those,

over 1 million live in the greater Dublin area. Ireland has a young population, with 44%

of the population under 25.The Gaelic is National language,English as a second language

came to Ireland with the Normans in the 12th century.The 70,000 kilometer squares island

just like covered by a huge green carpet,this gives Ireland another name-- "Emerald

Isle".Above all were a whole Ireland in my mind before I came here.But now I have a huge

different feeling of my second hometown!

Flag--mintmark of a country

Seems green is very popular ,you can find it everywhere in Ireland, but Irish do not

like blue white and red mixed together.(the colour of British flag),maybe for history

reason.The Irish flag consist of three different colour oblong,they are green

white and orange. Leftside is green,white is in the middle,orange is at rightside.


Geneal Post office here has very special historical meaning.On 17th march(Irish National

Day) each year lots of people celebrate around here.The national flag will uprise on

this buliding as well.

Climate--important for travelers

The Irish climate is an oceanic climate, therefore rather soft (as they say in Ireland)

with westerly winds prevailing. The temperatures do not vary much and range from on

average between 4 and 7C in January and between 14 and 16C in July. The climate is

generally wet explaining the dominant green colours of the landscape. Ireland is very

suitable for tourism.that's why so many traveler here.

People--smiling ethnos

Landscapes change from place to place, building from town to town, but wherever you go

you'll find friendly faces. Irish people are as interested in you as you are in them,

and they're very pleasure that you ask them...