Irp Narrative Essay

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IRR Narrative Essay

Hello there my name is Huckleberry finn but everyone calls me Huck but you probably know me since I am friend of Tom sawyer. He and I go way back when we were kids, we would always looking for adventure. Hell my life has been better and always filled with crazy adventures; ever since I met that guy. However I am not here to talk life adventures with tom sawyer, but here to talk about my past life before I met Tom. My earlier childhood life was very terrible because of my horrible drunk father who would always abuse me for no reason. Sometimes I think he hates having me has a son or he takes his frustration on me when people in our town, would always makes fun of him since he is known as the towns drunk. The second harsh thing I had to go through in my earlier life was the fact that I had live on my own to avoid the abuse from father.

This was not easy because, I had to live in the forest area since nobody wanted to take me in; I had to fence on my own by finding food and shelter to survive. Other problem I had to face as child growing up was loneliness; due to my father's reputation the people in my town either didn't like me or was afraid of me because of my dad, but for some of them hated me because values of their religion or how they views in society. This made the townspeople consider me as outcast and delinquent child. It was very hard to grow up when people show no interest to me and my struggle; in fact they call me names and...