"Irresistible Paradise"

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California entered the Union on Sept. 9, 1850 as the 31st state. Throughout its history, California has been known as a land of opportunity. In addition, Michael Elliot explains how Americans see California as a state of pleasure in his essay titled "Europeans Just Want to Have Fun". Every year, new residents and tourists flood into the state like water from a broken dam. The California state Department of Finance last week produced a population survey and found that California grew by 598,000 during the 2002-03 fiscal years. If this trend continues, the total should top 40 million by 2010. One must wonder what really attracts people to the "Golden State". People should move to California to take advantage of the many unique features it has to offer.

The most appealing of all California's features is its diverse climates. What rational person would rather shovel cold snow at home then be on a beach getting a tan? Temperatures stay relatively warm all year and the absence of humidity makes for irresistible bait to any person that does not live by the beach.

When speaking of beaches, California almost has the entire west coast to itself. One wouldn't have to venture very far to enjoy a full day of sand and sunshine. Also, the mountains are just as accessible to people as the beaches are. Californians don't have to wait for winter to enjoy a weekend of skiing. Instead, one simply drives for an hour or two to a skier's paradise: a 14 thousand foot mountain with fresh packed powder. Not far away from the mountains are the arid deserts, which despite popular belief have more to see than just dirt and sand. Beautiful rock formations and tall flowering cactuses are only a taste of what hides in the...