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The Official language for Israel is Hebrew. It is a very old language dating back

over 5000 years. The version that is spoken today is different than the kinda of Hebrew

written in the Old Testament. The version spoken today is commonly refered to as

modern Hebrew.

Since Israel is a Jewish state, naturally the main religion is going to be Judaism.

There is also a lot of Muslims and Christians, but most of the people are Jewish. Many

of the Jewish Holiday are also national holidays, such as Yom Kippur, Purim, and Rosh

Hashanah. One of the holidays exclusive to Israel is Independence Day, where Israel

celebrates it's becoming a state.

Israel Produces many crops such as figs, dates, apples, pairs, oranges, and olives.

They are a very self-sufficient nation and do not need to import much.

Probably the most renowned person in the country is the Prime Minister.

He is

similar to a President. The current Prime Minister is Benjamin Netanyahu. One of his

biggest problems right now is to try and negotiate a peach agreement with the arabs.

Two of the biggest Ethnic groups, the Arabs and the Jews, have been fighting every since

the Jews came to the land in the early 20th century. The Jews want Peace and the Arabs

wanna kick the Jews out. One of the Biggest debates is over the Mosque in Jerusalem.

The Mosque is located right by the Whaling Wall, which is the remnants of an ancient

Jewish Temple. They are both major parts of each religion so they are fighting over who

has ownership of what.

In Israel they like many of the sports we do. Soccer, Basketball, Football, etc.

They eat many of the same foods we do. Some of the foods native to that area of...