Israel-Arabs Conflict

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Since biblical times there has been a conflict between the Israelis and the Arabs which has not settled down yet. Through the early part of the conflict, the history passed on based only on oral communication. "Hundreds of years separate some events from their written narratives, and the chroniclers do not always agree." (Drummond, 65) Therefore, there is not solid and already agreed-upon history, which made the situation that two sides fight without clearly understanding why. A clear understanding of the Israeli-Arab conflict can be attained by an analysis of its history before the declaration of Israel and after the declaration of Israel.

According to the Old Testament (Genesis 21), a wealthy shepherd named Abraham lived in the lands of Mesopotamia (Iraq), a country near Israel. According to the Old Testament and the Kabala, one day Abraham was enlightened and realized that there is only one force that has created and controlled everything, and then he wrote the "Book of Creation", which was the first book of Kabala and monotheism.

Since Abraham's wife, Sara could not have children; Abraham took his Egyptian servant Hagar as another woman. Abraham and Hagar's child was Ishmael, and he was the first Arab man. A few years after Ishmael's birth, Abraham asked God to fulfill his most desired dream of his life, to help him and Sara have a child. God agreed and Yitzchak was born. (Schafer, 13) After the birth of Yitzchak, Abraham gave all his attention and affection to Yitzchak, and Ishmael was treated as second best. As the years passed by, Abraham taught Yitzchak all his spiritual wisdom. On the other hand, Ishmael was not so lucky and was able to learn alone only a small portion of that wisdom. (Drummond, 69) In that point in time the hatred between...