Issues of Addiction

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People suffering from addictions most times won't realize it, but their disease is hurting more than just themselves. It is not only the physical aspect of the addiction that hurts them, but also what it is doing to the life of the addict. "Life" can be taken as social life, working life, and even life at home. It is extremely difficult to handle these different facets of life regularly while under the control of an addiction. An addict's problem easily finds it's way into the home. This problem can break up a relationship, marriage, or entire family. The addict can rub off on a young adolescent, or an abandoned spouse. Most times, however, the addict doesn't even realize it is happening. Drinking in the home can cause a plethora of other problems, also. The children are the main victims in these situations, and they are usually the ones being blamed.

Addiction at home has an extremely severe effect on the surrounding people, but there is nothing these victims can do about it.

The addict is by definition the person who takes drugs for the sake of taking drugs, rather than for the sake of some other desired end. A casual user uses drugs or alcohol for increased enjoyment and to become more sociable. An addict, however, continues to use this drug for fear of returning back to "normalcy." The addict needs no reasons to take the drug; he simply uses it because it has become his way of life. (Seeburger 50-51). To the alcoholic, alcohol seems to be a necessity rather than an extravagance. He washes away his negative feelings with the drug, trying to somehow suppress the pain that has been placed upon him. In the beginning of the drinking, this myth seems to be true. However, in the...