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Communication can become a challenge when groups of people are from different backgrounds, education and training. It is up to the team leaders or team members to be accessible and create a climate where all team members support and respect each other. Communication is a key factor that can determine the success or failure of team activities.

There are so many ways to communicate in today's society it is almost impossible not have a successful way to get your point across to your team members. Team members have very different work schedules making it difficult to be online at the same time to communicate in order to finish work assignments. Email is a great way to keep team members informed, but not everyone checks their email on a daily basis. Communicating over the phone is another effective source.

Lack of communication in certain occupations can unfortunately determine life or death in certain situations.

In this course, lack of communication can determine whether your team passes or fails. Team members left uninformed usually get a feeling of animosity. It is difficult for certain individuals to communicate effectively due their lack of education. Some individuals just choose not to communicate because they are not good team players.

Great people are usually great communicators or at least most of them are rich. Communication is one of the most of important issues when working as a team. I know that in every organization communications used in some form. If there is, no communication in an organization the workplace is setting itself up for failure or litigation.

My experiences in every job I have done effective communication is vital. In the US Army, it might save a soldiers life on the battlefield. In the recruiting area, the lack of communication could end my career.