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IT'S NOT OVER UNTIL IT'S OVER The intriguing scene I have chosen to describe is from Mary Higgins Clark's novel We'll Meet Again. The setting of the novel is in Greenwich, Connecticut as well as New York City. The novel tells of Molly, a young wife framed for the murder of her extremely powerful husband, and the difficult times she endured in and out of jail trying to uncover the truth. The real truth starts to appear when interesting facts about Molly's friends are brought into the story, implying that Molly didn't kill her husband.

A particular incident, which plays a crucial role in the novel, occurs toward the end of the book. By this time, Molly has emotionally lost it and is on the verge of a breakdown. Her best friend Jenna comes over not only to comfort her, but also to murder her. She discreetly slips sleeping pills into Molly's wine to make it look like suicide.

Molly continues to drown all her sorrows in the wine, getting dangerously close to death.

This scene sticks out in the readers' mind for several reasons, but a few very important ones. The first is that the reader now knows that their suspicions of Molly's close friends are correct, and that everything is not what it seems to be. Up until this point, the reader had no idea that of all people, Jenna was not only responsible for the murder of Molly's husband, but quite possibly the murder of Molly as well. Jenna only cares enough to cover up the truth about her affair with Molly's husband and the murder, doing whatever it takes no matter who is involved. This scene was not only dramatic, but incredibly surprising. The reader can only hope that someone will come to the Molly's aide before it is too late, so that she can expose Jenna and the other characters involved, and live to see that justice is well served and that Molly's nightmare is over.