Ivan Pavlov and John B Watson's impact on Psychology

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Ivan Petrovich Pavlov was born in Ryazan Russia, on September 14, 1849. His father Peter Pavlov was a Russian Orthodox Priest. Ivan was the oldest of 11 children. In this position he had many responsibilities which he handled great. Most of these good qualities stuck with him, and made him a tenacious worker. At age 10 he had a accident where he was hit in the head and fell under his God fathers care. His God father encouraged him to read and write down his finding before he discussed it. This gave Ivan a reporter like take on all of his research and work. Ivan's father tutored him while he was injured, so he wouldn't fall behind in his studies. Ivan's first education came at the church school in Ryazan at age 11. His family wanted him to follow a religious career. He was on his way in this field at the Theological Seminar.

But Pavlov started reading works of Charles Darwin and Ivan Sechenov. Later he decided that a religious career was not for him. He was heavily involved in science and got a scholarship to the University of St. Petersburg.

There he followed Sechenov the Father of Russian Physiology, by studying Chemistry and Physiology. Pavlov became very involved with Physiology and it stayed of an importance to him his whole life. During his first course study, with the help of another student he did an acclaimed study on the pancreatic nerves. For this he received a gold medal. Pavlov completed this course in 1875, and received the degree of Candidate of Natural Sciences. Pavlov continued his study at the Academy of Medical Surgery. He completed his third study here in 1879, and received his second gold medal and a doctorate. At this point Pavlov began doing his own...