JAMIEL'S LAW a Simple Case study

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The city of Los Angeles California has had a long history of crime and gang violence, it is no secrete and there seems to be no end or answer to the problem. Enter Jamiel Shaw a 17 year old boy who was shot and killed by suspected gang members on March 2 of this year. He was walking home from school when two gang members pulled up in a car and asked him, "Where are you from?" When Jamiel failed to answer they then shot him and sped away. He was so close to his home, that his own father was able to run to his son’s side and helplessly watch as Jamiel slowly began to die. The shooter was one Pedro Espinoza, an illegal alien and documented member of the 18th street gang. Police Chief William Bratton said Espinoza had been released from jail in an assault case the day before Shaw's killing.

What makes this story relevant is because it’s sparked a controversial new ordinance; Jamiel’s Law. Jamiel’s law would allow LAPD officers to investigate and arrest gang members who are in this country illegally. A practice which is currently bared by Special Order 40, a law which forbids officers from arresting or questioning people on suspicion of being in the country illegally. Now while opponents of Jamiel’s law say that this ordinance will end “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens Jamiel’s law is specifically meant to target gang members. Jamiel's law will not put an end to gang violence but will give law enforcement some aid in this seemingly endless parade of crime. The ordinance was drafted by Walter Moore, a practicing trail attorney with 20 years of experience, and is being pushed forward by Jamiel’s father and mother. The ordinance will be moved to the March 2009...