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Chaucer - Pardoner's Tale

s of unprotected sex, and people will listen. Their advice is taken seriously because they know. Ex-gang 'bangers' can tell stories of the effects of gang violence, and listeners will value the storie ... ries because they are real situations coming from real people. People who had unsafe sex and former gang members may be 'sinners', but their advice to others is very helpful. They contribute in the so ...

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A character analysis on Monya Elson from the non fiction book Red Mafiya, by Robert I. Friedman.

He grew up knowing that he would not cut it in life making an honest buck. He joined a local street gang, where they did nothing but start fights. "We used to go from neighborhood to neighborhood to f ... nd not afraid," Elson said. Later when Monya graduated to one of the higher steps in Russian street gangs and became a skilled pickpocket. Monya was ruthless in this his words on this are, "Don't show ...

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American History X : Synopsis.

emacist leader, Cameron. Wrapped up in a world of hate, Derek assumes a leader-like position over a gang of fellow white-supremacist. One night they team-up to raid a grocery store that hires minoriti ... . They wreck havoc on the store and its workers and get away with it. The aggressive nature of this gang doesn't stop there. During a basketball game, they challenge a team made-up of blacks to a game ...

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Analysis essay of the film "Falling Down".

played by Michael Douglas, encounters and oriental man that owns a local mini mart and two Mexican gang members. The oriental man represents the subculture and the gang members represent the counterc ... strates the main characters current social role as a consumer. The next meeting is with the Mexican gang members who threaten him in the name of territory. They look and communicate differently not on ...

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Asian Gangs in North America. Fully cited. References included.

The on-going problem with violent crimes committed by Asian gangs in North America has escalated over the past decade. When people hear of the term Asian gang, ... ic groups such as Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese to just name a few. According to "Asian Gangs: A Bibliography" by Bihn P. Le (1999), Asian gangs are a relatively new phenomenon in which me ... orizing the Asian-American communities. As the immigration trends continue, the problems with Asian gangs can only get worse.Chinese crime syndicates trace back to the 17th Century where the Triads we ...

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The Difference Between a Club and a Gang The differences between a club and a gang, are quite distinct, but it is the connotation ... b as; " association of people with some common interest who meet periodically..." It defines a gang as "...a number of men or boys banding together, esp. lawlessly..." This definition is traditio ... essly..." This definition is traditionally slanted toward applying to male youth, and stereotypical gangsters, from the Mafia to street criminals. Persons who often have a negative attitude toward you ...

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Asian and Hispanic gangs

ltural element that continues to plague many communities. The reasons that crime happens are due to gangs' activities. This paper will mainly focus on Asian and Hispanic gangs. Hispanic and Asian gang ... mmute, types of crimes they generally commits in their communities, and their reasons for joining a gang. This paper will also focus on the way criminal justice system view of gangs and their involvem ...

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An Autobiography of Isaac Chioino

re educational for me then a punishment. I am currently on probation for two years and I am on full gang terms. The Norteno street gang I am supposably in they say. Why am I on gang terms? I do not ev ... ust because of who I hung around with in Juvenile Hall? I am no follower, I am a leader. Being in a gang would mean I would be a follower, and that I am not. The one thing that does make me happy thou ...

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"Always Runnning" by Luis Rodriguez.

An autobiography about gang days in LA. Rodriguez explains his horrible life as a gangmember in the latino slums of Los Ang ... ht by the teachers not to admid to anything.Chapter 2 - Luis grows up always running from police or gangs. His best friend Tino dies after he and Luis are chased at night by the police for trespassing ... sing on the school to play basketball. He joins a club, the impersonations, to protect himself from gangs, but he later ends up joining a gang called 'The Animal Tribe'.Chapter 3- Rodriguez is known a ...

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Biography of Yonkers, New York.

ow turned into a city of disaster, and is becoming more and more difficult to handle. The levels of gang violence and crime have dramatically risen through out the nineteen seventies until present tim ... will not feel as safe. Houses are now falling apart; and the streets are dirty, filled with drugs. Gang violence and crime is increasing every year. More and more people are killing their own race or ...

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Accomplishments: Not Always What They Seem (Definition Essay)

t accomplishments for one to complete.Another more dangerous type of accomplishment could be within gangs. Gang members tend to initiate new members by giving them certain goals to complete. Upon acco ... complete. Upon accomplishing these goals, the inductees will become new members of that particular gang. These accomplishments can range from assault, burglary, and often murder, not your every day o ...

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A big Misunderstanding

took us all into a small office individually and asked which one of us was the one who shot the two gang members a few blocks over from my friends house. The two gangs in our area were the Nomads and ... ere all released to our parents custody.They next day their was two other murders done by the other gang members in retaliation of their members being killed. This proved that we weren't involved whic ...

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To California and Back.

ept for meeting the most base of educational needs, and neighborhoods had become battlefields, with gang violence and home safety concerns. After almost thirty years of residing in California, I was f ... een a pleasant neighborhood in 1975. We watched and were helpless as, slowly but surely, the street gangs of Los Angeles moved in. We became as blind and hardened by the violence as most people did in ...

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Always Running

It has been stated many times once in a gang you are in it for life, the only way out is death. The experiences and choices Luis J. Rodrigue ... art others discriminated and tortured them. Rodriguez had tough times as he himself was involved in gangs but soon he found a way out. He was the winner of the 15th Annual Carl Sandburg Literary Arts ... of seven. He began to work at the age of nine to help his family out. He got involved in different gangs the most known was the Lomas. He took drugs and got drunk with his "friends". He witness ...

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The Blue Bird

o out and play with your friends or something." "Mom, all the kids my age that live around here are gang members or doing something illegal, I want another pet." Right after I said pet my father Pa Pa ... closer to get a better look."Hey that's a tattoo, it says Monkey Mafia. Mocha are you involved with gangs?" Mocha all of a sudden started climbing back down the window and ran."Nooo, Mocha stop lets t ...

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Always Running

ge is a first resort. With this population betrayal is common. In Always Running by Luis Rodriguez, gang members define justice as vigilantism. Some people have hatred towards others and hold i ... ava plans for many years to go after Luis because of a grudge. Chava got stabbed several times by a gang called Lomas and because of this he is disfigured and scarred. This is explained on page 244 wh ...

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The Apocalypse Of Adolescence

ls of all degrees are springing out of these once "safe" communities. Middle-class kids are joining gangs because their mentors (parents) are not there to support or care for them.A feeling of alienat ... f alienation takes over, and they have to find attention from other sources.When one doesn't find a gang to join, television and video games are next on the list for time passers. Powers denotes that ...

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8 Ball Chick

Gangs are created in communities for a sense of belonging. Participating in delinquent behavior is t ... of belonging. Participating in delinquent behavior is the only thing the members are anxious to do. Gangs are normally developed in poor low income neighborhoods. In Eight Ball Chick we see how girls ... hborhoods. In Eight Ball Chick we see how girls will do just about anything to get initiated into a gang. Merton's strain theory along with Aker's second generation social learning theories and sub cu ...

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nd candidate, we had a lot of tough arguments due to the fact that this person is still currently a gang member.

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Attributes of a Organized Crime Group

re met with opposition. The Mexican residents did not welcome them and they became targets of local gang violence (known Gangs, n.d.). As a result, a group of refugees created a new gang to protect th ... known Gangs, n.d.). As a result, a group of refugees created a new gang to protect themselves. This gang became known as Mara Salvatrucha. The name is believed to have been derived from combining the ...

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