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Accounting 2110


James David Power Speech - Tuesday, October 21 2014

I have attended the speech of J.D. Power, who is the founder of J.D. Power & Associates. At his speech, J.D. Power has talked about how he started of his business of data collection/marketing and brought it to the point where it is now.

J.D. Power & Associates is one of the mot powerful marketing companies in the world, which was founded by J.D. Power. He did extensive research in order to increase the customer satisfaction by giving feedbacks to firms about their products and services. Through out his career, he was involved in vast number of researches for companies that are in Automotive, Financial Services and Telecommunications industry. After a long and successful career, he has sold his company to McGraw Hill in 1953.

J.D. Power, graduated from the College of Holy Cross 1953 and then later on went to University of Pennsylvania - Wharton School of Business to pursue his MBA in Finance.

He also holds doctorates from schools such as California Lutheran University, California State University - Northridge and Misericordia College. After finishing his education, he also served in the coast guard, which he believes that serving, as coast guard was one of the most significant experiences in his life which made him became the person who he is today.

Power thought that in life one of the most important things was to understand people and to communicate with people. After living at home and studying at home he went on duty as a coast guard, which is when he realized that communication with people was essential in life and learned to communicate with people.

After serving at the coast guard, Power got an offer from Ford Motor Company to...