Jesus and Muhammad - A Comparison

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Jesus founded Christianity while Muhammad founded Islam. Without a doubt in mind these two men have affected the way people live their lives in a powerful way. Jesus and Muhammad laid down the principles that most people live by. The two of them gave promise of paradise and peace. The followers of these two men taught people to live by their beliefs and die believing in them. But, even though there are many similarities between them, they are definitely two different people; being Muhammad and Jesus.

Both Jesus and Muhammad were known as leaders of their religions. They are seen for their wonderful lives on this earth, and are seen as perfect examples on how one should live their lives. Muslims teach that Muhammad was a man and the best prophet that ever lived on the earth. For Jesus, he was the Son of God and taught people how to do good will and be saved by God.

Jesus was born without sin, living a sinless life, while Muhammad was declared a sinner and asked God for his forgiveness from his past and what sins he may had committed in his future. Muhammad and Jesus taught to always pray and repent for ones sins, but Jesus loved man so much that he gave his life and was crucified on the cross, to free everyone from sin.

Jesus did not have slaves nor believed in having them. He taught to do unto others as you would have done to you. He was one who freed men and not to enslave them. Jesus deterred people from forcibly having slaves. Muhammad, had slaves, both men and women; he sold, beat, and owned them throughout his life. Allah was said to allow him and the followers to have sexual relations with female slaves anytime...