The Jewish People: their hertitage and faith.

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Who are the Jews?

I was inspired to learn about the Jewish religion after watched a television program on them. Frances Payne Adler, a poet and social activist, wrote many inspiring poems. Most of them related to her background, Jewish. Frances reminded the audience that she spoke nothing but the truth. A great majority of poems related to her upbringing. I had a hard time relating to them because of my lack of knowledge of the Jewish religion. I felt the need to explore this belief. Having grown up with a strong Moravian past, I seemed to overlook the various other religions. By exploring at least one additional religion, I feel I will be able to relate a little bit better to the diverse religions in the world. I want to highlight the main focus of the Jewish religion along with their important holidays.

Who are the Jews? There are Jews in many countries.

They speak different languages and may be of any color. Anyone can become a Jew who believes in the Jewish religion, and obeys its laws and traditions according to the religious authorities. Anybody whose mother is a Jewess (a female Jew) is also considered to be Jewish, even if he or she is not religious. Jewish history began over four thousand years ago in the Middle East. Jews believe there is one God, who is everlasting. Jews also believe they have a special duty to make God's holy teachings known to all people. This can be shown by the way they live their lives. (Like Frances, who wanted everyone to know her religion.) Jews do not believe in the divinity of Christ. They believe there will be a Messiah in the future, who will unite all people under God's command, bringing everlasting peace. The Jewish Messiah...