Joan Lowery Nixon : The Seance

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The Séance

By Joan Lowery Nixon

The story starts out at nighttime when Lauren was spying on Sara. Sara was in the town for 4 months in a foster care. She was staying with Laurens aunt Me. Lauren had been living with her aunt since her father died at war and her mother had died in a truck accident. Lauren was spying on her because Sara had been out late with her boyfriend and Lauren had gotten used to her coming in late at night. Sara watched until she had fallen asleep. In aunt Mel's home there were many rules. The girls were told to act like ladies. No mouthing off or spitting, clean up after yourself and not snacks before dinner.

The next morning she was up and ready for the bus. Sara came out to her and asked." Do you know Roberta Campion" Lauren answered yes. Roberta was new to town and had only been there since last year.

Her family lived in a house on the outskirts of town. No one wanted much to do with them because they were different and somewhat weird. Sara told Lauren that Roberta was strange and to keep to herself pretty much. Sara then says that Roberta is a psychic. Sara says so what even one here thinks they are. They can all tell you something. Some can tell you when it is going to rain, that company is coming when they drop a fork, or many other things very much like that. Sara says no it is different she says she can talk to the dead. Lauren Says Roberta is crazy and so are you if you believe that.

At lunch that day Lauren was at lunch. Her friend Allie comes and sits with her. She tells Lauren that she...