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Job Description

SalesAssistant: Portmans

Portmans is one of the fastest growing retail corporations in Australia and New Zealand. Portmans specialises in women's clothing and accessories, representing brand values such as femininity, reliability, friendliness, confidence, and fashion. Values and characteristics such as these are what employers at Portmans look for when employing sales assistants.

Currently, Portmans operate over 620 retail stores in Australia and New Zealand and has over 4,000 employees in sales assistant positions.

The position held by sales assistants are essential to the business as it is dependant on the performance of sales assistants to maximise sales, create loyal customers and promote 'Portmans' in a favourable and professional manner in the market.

Fundamentally, the focus of a sales assistant at Portmans is to provide 'assistance' to customers by attending to their needs and wants. The job involves acknowledging and approaching customers, providing customers with appropriate product knowledge, arranging services to fit with customers' requests, giving customers assistance in fitting rooms and conducting transactions correctly.

Sales assistants are the faces of the business, thus if sales assistants perform to a level where customers leave the store satisfied with the service it will reflect favourably on the business. For this reason, not only do the sales assistants need to hold the values of the brand but also be well presented, and have high levels of interpersonal and communication skills.

In Auckland alone, there are six Portmans retail outlets and more are to be expected nationwide. The Portmans stores work together as one team and regularly exchange tips and advice between stores. In addition operating in a wider organisation it gives customers a greater opportunity to obtain the garment/ accessory if it is not available at the local Portmans store. Sales assistants are responsible for communicating with 'other' Portmans stores...