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Joseph Goebbels (1897-1945) was born into a working-class, Catholic family from the Rhineland. He went to a Roman Catholic School and studied history and literature at the University of Heidelberg. During World War I, Goebbels was rejected for military service because of a crippled foot caused by his childhood polio. It is said that he spent the next two days crying in his room.

The next ten years of Goebbels' life was spent writing plays, poems, and novels. When he could not find a publisher for his literature, he decided that it was because the publishing company was own by Jews. He joined the National Socialist German Workers Party and quickly became and admirer of Hitler, who admired Goebbels' abilities as a writer and speaker. They shared an interest in propaganda and plotted together how their party would win over the people of Germany.

In 1925, he was made business manager of the NSDAP in the Ruhr district.

He founded and edited the Nationalsozilistischen Briefe, along with other publications, all with anti-captilist values and a call for all-encompassing revolution.

Goebbels became the editor of Der Angriff (The Attack) and used the daily paper to promote German nationalism. In 1928, Goebbels, along with 11 other members of the Nazi Party, were elected to the Reichstag. Later on, Goebbels became the party's Propaganda Leader, and after Hitler became Germany's chancellor, he appointed Goebbels as Minister for Public Enlightenment. With this new power that he had gained, Goebbels designed posters, published his own propaganda, held parades, and even organized his own body guards to participate in steet battles.

Geobbels was under five feet tall, had black hair, and a bad limp because of his childhood disease. These "physical insufficienies" disqulified him from high office. He dismissed his crippled foot as a result of...