Johann Sebastian Bach

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Johann Sebastian Bach was born on the 21st of March in 1685 in a town called Eisenach. He was the youngest son of Johann Ambrosius Bach who was a town musician. J. Sebastian Bach probably learned his the basic knowledge of music theory and also to play the violin from his father. When J. Sebastian Bach was ten years old he was orphaned and had to live with his elder brother J. Christopher Bach which was an organist for St. Michaels Church in Ohrdruf. J. Christopher Bach gave his little brother lessons on how to play keyboard helping him to grow further in his knowledge of music. From the years 1700 to 1702 J. Sebastian Bach attended St. Michaels School in Luneburg, at this school he sang in the choir and came into contact with organist and composer Georg Bohm, acquiring a dream to become a composer. After a failed attempt to become an organist at Sangerhausen in the year 1702 he became a violinist at the court of Weimar and then took over the organist position at the Neukirche in Arnstadt.

In June of 1707 he moved to a town called St. Blasius and after a brief four months he married his cousin named Maria Barbara Bach in a nearby town of Dornheim.

J. Sebastian Bach became the organist and chamber musician under Duke of Saxe-Weimer and for the next nine years he spent much of his time becoming known as a leading organist and the free time that he had was used composing some of his masterpieces. At first Bach did not have much in responsibilities at Weimar just court organist and chamber musician. The new appointee also occupied himself, for the first time, as a teacher. Some of the students that he taught include: his cousins Johann...