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Critique #7 Sol Almost everything that John C. Sherwood says in this discussion is completely true. These are some of the things that all of us know and understand but never talk about it or think about.

Without belief the world would be completely different in so many ways. We do wake up and believe that when we walk outside objects will still fall down toward the ground and not upwards toward the sky.

I liked the point that he made that says we all know that water freezes at thirty-two degrees Fahrenheit but there is no possible way to prove this theoretically. We all know this but never think about I. we just take it for common knowledge or common sense.

He used very good examples of judgment and generalization by saying "A 1.5 concentration of alcohol in the blood usually impairs reactions." Is a generalization; "It is wrong to drive in such a state."

Is a judgment. We all know what these words mean but I just liked the examples he gave here.

This is a very original discussion and I have never read anything like it before. I have never even heard of anyone talking about these topics before. It was definitely a hard essay to follow but I kind of liked it.

Sherwood, John C. "Introduction to logic." Readings For Writers.2001. 20, November.

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