Johnny Got His Gun

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Johnny Got His Gun

I read a novel titled Johnny Got His Gun. The novel takes place after the main character, Joe has been severely injured during World War I. Joe grew up in a working class household in Shale City, Colorado. Joe's family was always happy, yet they were not very wealthy. Joe's father died just after his high school years. This is when he was sent to war. During a battle Joe was severely injured by a land mine. Joe later realizes that he had lost his arms, legs, his hearing, sight, and sense of smell. He laid on a hospital bed dreaming and reminiscing for the majority of the novel. He mostly remembered his childhood and the human interactions of the war over the brutal warfare and lack of modern medicine. These memories often involved losing something or someone close to him. Joe tried to talk to the nurses and doctors through a morse code.

The nurse at first does not comprehend these codes and becomes very frustrated. She attempts to end his life but fails. After quite some time he finally is able to communicate with her and the others. When Joe asked to be put in a carnival to show the effects of war, they refuse. His dream of being able to communicate and function in the real world ends up being not realistic. However the book does not explain what happens to Joe. This book was based on anti-war themes and had a very depressing plot. After reading this book I have been persuaded that war is horrible and has terrible results. I would hate to take the chance of going through what Joe had to go through by entering a war.