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Jonathan Davis before he was in KoRn was the lead singer in a band called Sex Art. It was in the band when he was playing at a local club that he was spotted by Munkey and Head. When they saw they asked him to try-out for their band. At first he didn't want to so he went to a psychic and she said that he was stupid if he didn't do it.

Before Jon Davis was in any band he had a very screwed up life. When he was younger he was sexually abused by someone. whenever he would go and tell his Dad and Mom they would think he was lying and joking around and they would not believe him. In High-school Jon Davis loved Duran-Duran, they were his idols. He wanted to be like them so much he dressed like them and try to look like them.

So, he experimented with make-up like Duran-Duran. In doing so just about everyone at school called him a faget and a queer and other names that meant faget.

As time went on, in the band still they call him a fag. For his painful past in High-School he made a song called "Faget" on their self-titled album "KoRn." In 1995 he had his first child, Nathan Housemen Davis, who was born October 18th. Soon, after he and his girl-friend were together for seven years they got married in November 1998, and about a year later, they have separated.

Jon Davis even though he is depressed and all he still is very Hot! He let's people know how he feels, by making lyrics to songs and that gives people pride. I know all people respect him for all hes done, for a lot of people, cuz one of them is me.

God, to me there are no words to describe how I feel for Jon Davis and how he puts a deep impact on me. Well, to me he's so wonderful and gorgeous. Jon Davis is like my idol... he is my idol, even though I am a girl. I want to grow up to be a rock star just like him. Jon, he helps me to know that I could do that. Jon and I have a lot in common, It's like the life he had then I have now, and I say to myself all the time if he was able to do what he's doing now even having to go through what he did, then maybe I can too. I love him soo much and KoRn and nothing can change that. I will grow-up to be just like him no matter what it takes and how long.