Journal entry from laura in the glass menagerie for scenes three and four

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Journal Entry 2

Character: Laura

I feel terrible Tom and mother have been fighting a lot. "...have you gone out of your senses." (Amanda) (21) Tom thinks mother is always thinking of herself but I know she cares about our well being. I feel very bad for her because she is always worrying about what will become of me. I was very frightened and nervous when mother and tom fought. Tom was so mad he threw his coat and almost broke one of my precious menagerie. I know his life is not the life he wishes he had. "I say to myself 'how lucky ded people are!' but I get up. I go! ...why, listen, if self is what I thought of, Mother, I'd be where he is --GONE!" (Tom) (23)

I have to say I feel like I am letting mother down by not having any gentlemen callers or a job of some king.

I can tell Tom hates his job in the warehouse when he writes he has the same look in his eyes as I do when looking at my menagerie. I know the antagonism between mother and Tom is mostly my fault. They both are worried about me. Mother is probably pressuring Tom and making him angry because he will have to take care of me. She is giving him the silent treatment. "Laura, tell your brother his coffee is ready." (Amanda) (28)I would be angry too, not that I would show it, but I would in fact be angry if Tom, or anyone for that matter called me what he called mother! I know Tom loves me and would take care of me, but, you could tell he is frustrated about not being able to follow his dreams.

It was very embarrassing when I fell...