Juliet capulet diary

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Day 1:

I met him, the only one whom I have been attracted to since I was young. When I saw him, I felt my heart beating very fast. My face flushed. How I wish he was mine! Our hands touched and we spoke. I could feel the warmth inside me. He requested for a kiss and I was overwhelmed and granted him. I yeaned more of his kiss, but Nurse came saying that my mum wants to have a word with me. How I wished she didn't interrupt us that time. I reluctantly parted with him. I wish to see him again!

I can't believe I actually fell I love with Romeo Montague. "Montague", thinking of it makes me confused and sad as well. Why must my only love come from my only hate. How I wished he wasn't a Montague. I missed him so much and made a love confession on him.

I didn't realize he was actually near me! I was so embarrassed when he suddenly appeared. He heard my words! Other than that, I am also worried of his safety. I urged him to leave. He wanted the two of us to exchange vows of our love before he is willing to leave. We made our vows, and I promised that I would send him a messenger tomorrow so that he might tell her when and where the marriage will be happening. My heart was beaming with happiness. I'm going to be married tomorrow! It is such a sweet happiness. He left after we exchanged our vows. I can't wait for tomorrow.

Day 2

I sent Nurse to get the message form Romeo. I waited impatiently for her to come back. When she came back, I asked her for the information.

In the afternoon, as...