Juliet capulet diary

Essay by racheline March 2004

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Day 1

Dear Diary,

The most amazing and magical thing happened to me today at the masquerade! I believe I am in love...not just any love, but true love. I was not especially excited for the ball, and when I arrived I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun I was having. Aside the fact that mother was trying to set me up with this young man, Paris. She wants me to be married, and keeps telling me about how she was married well before my years. To tell you the truth, marriage is the last thing on my mind right now; it's just not something I want at this time. I was enjoying the dance when I saw him! We locked eyes, and something magical happened. For a while I thought I had lost him, but then out of nowhere he grabbed me and brought me to a quiet place.

He was so charming and well groomed, and I was speechless at his words! He absolutely took my breath away and my heart as well. But then I learned that our fairytale love was ruined! He is the only son of the Montague, Romeo Montague! I am in love with my enemy! My family's enemy! I don't know what I can or am going to do, but I know that I am not going to let this love get away from me, but how? I was on the balcony just now, confessing my love for Romeo. All of a sudden, he appeared in front of me. I was all too shy to know that he heard what I said. I was happy to see him, but frightened that he would be seen and killed. He confessed his love for me. Nurse called again, and I had to go.