Jurrasic Park

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Plot Summary In the afternoon, Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler with their employee find a velociraptor¡¦s skeleton in the research in Badlands, near Snake water, Montana. After that John Hammond invite them to Jurassic Park because he need Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler to observe that have relation with Jurassic Park. John Hammond also invites Donald Gennaro, Ian Malcolm, and his grandchildren, Tim and Alexis. All of them get the first ¡§ticket¡¨ to do and enjoy the tour before the opening of Jurassic Park. Before their tour start John Hammond introduce Jurassic Park laboratories and facilities. Then the problem happen when hurricane ¡§visit¡¨ the island plus Nedry act, turn off the security system for steal the embryo of dinosaurs to sell to Lewis Dodgson; Nedry will paid $1,5 billion cost for fifteen live species of dinosaur. That¡¦s also make the electricity in perimeter fence off, make dinosaurs escaped, especially raptor.

When the electricity off the two car off, where Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, Tim, Alexis, and Donald Gennaro inside the electricity car. NB: before the electricity off Dr. Slatter already not in the car because she goes out of the car and take care stegosaurus with Dr. Harding. The car stop in front of the T-Rex area. Because of that they become T-Rex prey. In that incident Donald Gennaro die, become T-Rex prey. One of the car fall down and hold by the tree. Ian Malcolm, Dr. Grant, Tom, and Alexis save. Ian Malcolm saved by Dr. Slatter and Dr. Harding with a jeep. Dr. Grant, Tom, and Alexis go to the main building to protect their self from raptor¡¦s attack. Before that Dr. Slatter had been successful turn on back the electricity of the island so that the perimeter fence, security system, and phone are on.