Jury Duty

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In the courtroom there are many jobs that have a big importance in the court. For example the judge he has to listen to all the evidence being presented and he decides the sentence, or the attorney's they help the defendant or the plaintiff. But the jury I feel I that has one of the most important jobs in the court. In this essay I'm going to talk about the jurors importance in the trial, duties, and qualifications for position, ECT.

The jurors have a very important role in the trial. Their most important job is to decide whether or not if the defendant is guilty or innocent. The jurors have many duties to do; they are to; listen to all the evidence presented at the trial, and then decide the facts or to decide what really happened using only the evidence presented. They don't need any special knowledge; they just need to keep an open mind, use common sense, concentrate only on the evidence given, and be fair and honest in their deliberations.

The jury has many qualifications he/she must meet to become a member of the jury. They are; you have to be eight-teen years old or older, they are also selected randomly from a list of names generated from voter registration, driver's license and "identicard" records. State often makes a new list of names every year. There are also many things that can disqualify a person to, like; not being a United States citizen, not being able to read, write, or understand the English language with a degree of proficiency necessary to fill out a qualification form, not being able to speak the English language, mentally impaired people or people who have committed a felony can also not serve as a juror. There are three...