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Running Head: JUSTICE





Justice is the prerequisite of every society. Without it, the society will be a total mess. Think of a society's uncertainties and problems where justice does not prevail. The society will be a complete mess and the uncertainties of the people will be ever rising. Justice means is to assure that each individual citizen get his rights and no one can temper with the rights of others. God created this universe in order that every individual enjoys his life to the fullest and thank him. It is a fact that God is everywhere and He is the one to monitor everyone. He is the ultimate judge. People might take this lightly and might get away with it. In order to avoid this thinking, justice was created.


Justice means to stand in favor of the things or actions done right, appropriate, and stand against of what is presumed to be bad or unethical.

Justice prevails only when a person gets what he rightfully deserves and the culprit feels guilty while the accountability of his sins and unjustified deeds. In fact, there are many ways of how to perceive justice. There are many examples that come to mind while talking of Justice starting from higher gas prices to the invasion of US in Afghanistan and Iraq. Justice mainly revolves around the issues of everyone in routine life. The biggest and the most discussed topic is the invasion of US in Iraq and Afghanistan (Tom, 2003). The downfall of Saddam Hussein, the use of phosphorous bombs by Israel over the defenseless people of Palestine and the growing insurgency in the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan has questioned the existence of Justice. What is the role of UNO as it claims to be the ultimate peacemaker?...