Justice For All?

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People in the United State of America are suppose to have an equal chance for justice. This theory is portrayed in this quote by Joseph Addison; "Justice discards party, friendship, kindred, and is therefore always represented as blind." Unfortunately this isn't always the case and some people don't have an equal chance for justice.

Here in America everyone isn't as equally entitled to justice. It seems today, that the Rich and more powerful people in society are the winners in court and not the poor people who cannot afford a lawyer. Lawyers also seem to also be able to twist the words and evidence of the investigators and their investigations. It even seems that justice is too great of a challenge for the average or lower class person, this is not true. While Rich people will have the upper hand in the majority of cases, if you deserve justice in your case you will receive it.

It is true that our courts have many problems, but justice will triumph over injustice more than it won't. In our law, there are many loopholes that will make people less than satisfied with the outcome of the trail. Even with theses loopholes, if a person is guilty of a crime, that person will probably be found guilty. For those who are not guilty, they can appeals and use other tools to correct the courts mistake and prove their innocence.

Here in America we have a strong government and courts. Even though the court today faces many problems and unfair advantages to some people, justice will overcome injustice.