Juvenile Delinquency

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A major problem in the United States is its major increase in crimes committed by juveniles. Directing the youth away from crime and appropriately dealing with those who commit crimes is of increasing importance and trends indicate that juvenile crime will continue to increase if deterrent programs aren't established. Some of the reasons they are able to commit these crimes is lack of supervision from parents, lack of guidance from authority figures, and nobody to look up to as a role model.

In my opinion there are many things that can be done to deter our youth from committing crimes. The first thing that comes to mind is to take care of the problem from the source, the family environment. When the children come home from school with no parental supervision to regulate there actions, there is going to be a problem. The child has nobody to tell him/her what to do or not to do, who to hang out with, where to hang out, and what are good and bad decisions.

It is understandable that most parents have to work and aren't able to be home to watch their children all the time. If that is the case I suggest enrolling the children into after school clubs, academics, and sports. A great program created to help out parents is the Boys and Girls Club. This program keeps children off the streets and out of trouble. This way the children are busy doing productive things instead of being deviant. Another thing that can help a child from becoming a delinquent is giving them an authority figure or role model to look up to and talk to. A child should have a numerous amount of people to admirer and ask for advice. Parents, teachers, coaches, and counselors should all be...