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The film K-PAX directed by Iain Softley brings out many opinions in the minds of individuals. A mysterious man named Prot who gets picked up by New York police, is sent to a mental facility where he quickly gains the attention of fellow patients and staff. He claims he comes from the planet K-PAX and his amazing stories of this utopia makes it sound extremely convincing, and even baffles the psychiatrist Dr. Powell. Throughout the movie Prot shows both signs of human and non-human characteristics. This indeed adds the hair-raising question about Prot as a character. Is Prot really an alien or just an ordinary patient suffering from a multiple personality disorder?

Is there any intelligent life other than us humans that could possibly exist in this universe? Obviously in viewing the film, there are many instances which show Prot acting as if he is actually an inhabitant from another world.

Prot demonstrates in his convincing speech that he has traveled to earth to observe its inhabitants. His ability in being able to see ultra-violet light is indeed out of this world. He further claims that he comes from one of the planets in the star system named Libra, and astonishes a group of astrophysicists by illustrating a whole new solar system in front of their eyes. This knowledge is evidently not possible for any ordinary human being to possess. His unique way of writing is also very puzzling and can therefore be interpreted as some sort of alien dialect. In addition the way Prot interacts with others isn't normal. He cannot understand basic English expressions and there was an instance in the film where he talks and responds to a dog's wishes. Further proof of him being an alien can be seen near the end of the film, when...