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Joel Carmichael is a native of New York City, yet he graduated from Oxford University, England. He also went to Sorbonne in France and New York's, Columbia University. He later served as a naval officer connected with the Office of Strategic Services during World War II, after which he lived abroad for many years. Besides this book, Carmichael also translated and edited other major works such as The Russian Revolution in 1917 by N. N. Sukhanov, and Origins of Bolshevism by Theodor Dan.

When trying to classify Mr. Marx into either, an antagonist group, or a protagonist group, it is hard to say. He was a very influential man, whether it be for the good or the bad. I, personally, would put him as a protagonist because of the influence on the thoughts of people. He helped many people to realize the struggles of "classes." Most people would know Karl Marx as an old, gray haired man, who wrote many of his own thoughts down about certain matters.

Carmichael doesn't really describe Marx directly, but rather lets you imagine and look at the picture provided.

Much of his life pertains to the time of Prussia, Napoleon, and the Rhineland. His life was mainly focused around many countries of Europe, such as Germany, France, and Prussia. Trier, his home town, came from a rich background consisting of Roman architecture and beliefs. It is a vast wine region and was once one of the oldest cities in Germany. It was built by the Romans as their German capital.

When speaking of the "plot" of his life, one can not skip over the largest portion of his life, education. In my eyes, education plays the largest part in Karl Marx's life and also in his beliefs. In his early years his dad...