When I Was a Kid A Narrative Essay

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This morning is a typical Tuesday morning as I make my daily commute to work. The blue sky is bright with sun, but it is a brisk New England winter morning. As I drive down the highway drinking my coffee, I scan through the radio stations looking for my favorite songs desperately trying to get motivated for the day ahead. Instead of finding my favorite tunes, I find weather bulletins galore warning of an impending storm due to hit land by Friday. From station to station the forecast varies from modest 2-3 inches to a full-blown Nor'easter. Let me remind you that Friday is still four days away. I finally give up, tune out, and switch to a CD I have in the CD changer. For a few minutes, I find relief from the weather prediction drama.

Finally, I arrive at work. I walk my usual walk to the entrance, inhaling the crisp air and appreciating the clear sunny skies above me.

I settle into my desk, and get my coffee in the cafeteria where I encounter several co-workers. "Have you heard about the storm?" they ask. I reply, "Whatever, it's all hype and they are always wrong anyway." I manage to finish out the day with several more conversations taking place about the topic dujour, the big storm that is going to hit us!

Driving home, I turn on the radio again to be confronted by more of the same storm predictions. What happened to the days when we really did get snow? Back when I was a kid, we really did get Nor'easters and if I remember correctly, the weather forecasters had far fewer gadgets to work with. In the 1970's I don't think Doppler had been invented. We were lucking to have one static map up...