As a kid she had dreams. Dreams That would take

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As a kid she had dreams. Dreams That would take her out of the one- room cabin on the East Tennessee Mountain. As an adult, she made her dreams come true. As a super star she is making new goals and reaching them.

Who is this super star? It's Dolly Rebecca Parton. Born on January 19, 1946, and raised in Locust Ridge in the Tennessee's Smoky Mountains. She was the forth of twelve children born to a tobacco farming couple. The whole family lived in a one-room cabin. The house was filled with music and love. Her half- charokee mother played the guitar ang her grandfather waws a fiddler ("Singing the Praise" was recorded by Kitty Wells) Her sister Stella later became a singer, as well as five other siblings have worked a professional musicians.

Dolly at the age 10 she was a regular on the Cas Walker Show as well as other Knoxville television at age 12.

Age 13 she was recording on a small label and appearing at the Grand Ole Opry.

She graduated from hight school in Sevier County, Tennessee. One day after