Killing Mr. Griffin

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"Killing Mr. Griffin Susan and Betsy are two very different people. The react to their actions and other peoples in different ways. Susan is a smart student, that doesn't really have many friends. Betsy is a semi smart student, popular, and very pretty girl. Some ways that they are different are for example...the writing assignment for the "Final song of Ophelia."� Betsy told Mr. Griffin that, "I didn't understand the assignment,"� "How can anybody write a final song for Ophelia when she's already said everything there is to say? All that about rosemary for remembrance and everything? Nothing happens to her after that except she drowns."� And than Susan thought to herself..."�At least we don't have to read them out loud."� And she said to write her assignment, she had let herself become Ophelia, lonely, alienated from the world, sickened with the hopelessness of her love, dazing into the depths of the water that would soon be her grave."�

Another example of their different reactions is the kidnapping. Susan would not take part in the actual kidnapping. When Jeff asked..."�Where's Sue?"� Someone replied with the answer of..."�She wouldn't come."� Then Jeff asked..."�Why?"� Then the person that told him that she wasn't going to come said..."�I don't know. She just didn't want to. She looked like she'd been crying."� But on the other hand Betsy was like..."�I wouldn't miss this for the world."� She was really excited to kidnap Mr. Griffin. It kind of seemed like she got pleasure of doing this to the man.

Out of Susan and Betsy, I think that Susan is the stronger character. I think that she is the stronger character because, she had so many chances to confess to the kidnapping and the murder of Mr. Griffin, but she never did. For example...She had the chance when the cop called her out of class to interview her because she was the last person to see Mr. Griffin, but she never said anything. Or the time when Kathy Griffin (Brian Griffin's wife) went to Susan's house and questioned her, but she never confessed. I also think that she is a stronger person because, she pulled everyone together when they all were about to fall apart and have nervous breakdowns. Like David for example. That one night when him and Susan went to the mountain that one night check on Mr. Griffin and they found him dead. David started flipping out and was like, "We need to go and tell Mark, he'll know what to do."� Therefore I think that Susan is the stronger of the two characters.

I think that Susan will go to court and testify against everyone. I think this because after she read that note at the bottom of her "Last song of Ophelia"� something changed in her. I think that she finally realized that Mr. Griffin wasn't as bad as everyone thought he was. I think that she realized that the right thing to do was to tell the truth...tell everything that happened, she realized what the right thing to do was.

I think that Betsy will end up going to jail for manslaughter. I think this because she not only was apart of everything that happened, but she listened to everything that Mark told her to do, and she killed Mr. Griffin. She will probably end up growing old in jail...or at least staying there for a very long time. She killed a man that was completely harmless and did not do anything to harm her, or hurt her!