King Oedipus - Psychological Evaluation

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Dear King Oedipus,

After conducting a series of interviews and examining your personal life experiences I have come to certain conclusions about your psychological condition. While I find no permanent cure for your decease, I would like to offer a few recommendations for your future treatment.

Unfortunately, your diagnosis is not just the physical blindness, but intellectual blindness as well. The intellectual blindness in your case can be broken down into two components: your ability to "see" and your willingness to "see".

Not such a long time ago you had a perfect physical vision. However, you were blind and ignorant to the truth about yourself and your past. You did get questioned "Why are your eyes so cold?" (307). At that point, it was already obvious that your actions must be to overcome the blindness. " If you could only see / The nature of your own feelings..." (323-324).

Your encounter with a prophet, Teiresias, who was physically blind, just reaffirmed that you were ignorant to the true appearance of things - this blind man could "see" the truth about you, yet you, Oedipus, the King, in all of your physical exactness, could not. "You mock my with your precious eyes, blind to the corruption of your life..".

I can only imagine how painful it must have been for you to learn the true nature of things - your past was revealed and you learned that the oracle was correct. But, since you were not timely diagnosed, you could not handle to see truth. You desperately did not want to accept your fate. So, in response, you committed an act of avoidance by blinding yourself. Unfortunately, self-treatment does not help in your situation. Perhaps, it was an act of cowardice because you didn't want to accept the situation...