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This paper will discuss the tasks assigned in service request SR-kf-002. The tasks are to review Kudler Fine Foods internet site from the customer's prospective. Indicate if the site is easy to maintain and update. Discuss the design elements that are effective including as to why they are effective. Proposed changes will be recommended for the design and use of features to enhance the website will be provided as well as reasoning behind such changes and recommendations. Technical aspects will be described as well as what features will be cost effective for the recommendations provided.

The Kudler site is meant to be an informative site about the history, products, and operations of Kudler Fine Foods. It provides customers with a brief history on how the company began, the store locations, and hours of operations. It even provides visitors with links to a brief synopsis of the many types of product that Kudler carries.

However, from a customer perspective the site is very bland and does not encourage web users to explore past the home page. For many consumers a company's website will form their first and many times lasting impression about whom a company is and what they have to offer. In the case of Kudler Fine Foods, although this site is easy to navigate, the site is very general in content and vague on details concerning the products that are available. With respect to the web site's content, no provisions are available for customers outside of the range of their physical locations to receive any of the products offered by Kudler. Although, e-commerce is not a necessity, it is an enormous opportunity for generating revenue and being competitive in a marketplace that is saturated with options. Due to poor design, Kudler may also find itself ultimately driving potential customers...