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Scope and ObjectiveKudler Fine Foods has assigned "Team A" to determine the distinction and related aspects of Java and JavaScript; Java Applets and Java Scripts; advantages and disadvantages of multimedia in websites including cookies and what is commonly called "Spyware."Team A's strategy is to compare and contrast Java and JavaScript and at the same time provides appropriate use examples of both. Team A will then discuss the open source nature of Java Applets and Java Scripts available on the internet and their commercial usage. In addition, an evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of using multimedia to enhance websites and include important factors for consideration on when and how to utilize multimedia the right way. Finally, we will compare and contrast cookies and spyware. In conclusion, we will summarize our evaluation and consolidate lessons learned on how we can apply it in business environment.

JAVA AND JAVASCRIPT OVERVIEWIt is not always easy to compare programming languages; however, we can without difficulty compare Java with JavaScript with the help of the following table.

JAVAJAVASCRIPTTrue Object Oriented Object orientedCompiled languageNot compiledDifficult syntaxEasy SyntaxVirtual MachineWeb Browser D.O.M.

Client or ServerClient sideIntegrated Development Environments availableLacks robust I.D.E's exclusively for JavaScript programmers; however, it doesn't need a specific IDE because it's already integrated into Web Design IDEs.

Can be programmed with Textpad but must be compiledCan be programmed in text editor but does not have to be compiledCan access server or client side functionsPrimarily for client side programmingCan run inside a browser or self executable. Can only run inside a browserCan be enabled or disabled only at the run level. Can have specific features enabled or disabled. Ex. Firefox can enable/disable: 1) Move or resize existing windows, 2) Raise or lower windows, 3) Disable or replace context menus, 4) Hide the status bar, 5)...