The Lake Poets

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The Lake Poets were a group of English poets who lived in the Lake District. They are only writers who worked together. They are also called the poets of nature. Nature, law of nature is seen in most of their poems. I am going get through some of these poems and try to describe whether they show parallels as the poets' lives did or not.

Lives of Coleridge and Wordsworth show many parallels. They both went to Cambridge University. In 1797 the two lived close to each other in Somerset. The result of this of was important a collection of Lyrical Ballads. Very important part of Lyrical Ballads is The Rime of the Ancient Mariner which appeared as the first poem in the collection. At the beginning a wedding guest is stopped by the mariner, even he is in haste, he is hypnotized and listens to the story. The story of ancient Mariner starts with a sea voyage.

The ship gets stuck in the ice in the South Pole. Albatross, a symbol of good luck, comes and helped and even though it is shot by the mariner. And now punishment begins, the wind stops to blow and they run out of water: "Day after day, day after/We stuck, ne breath ne motion."; "Water, water, everywhere/Ne any drop to drink." The mariner is blamed for this situation. When they see other ship coming they hope for rescuing but her crew consists of Death and "Nightmare Life-in-Death" who are gambling for sailors souls. Everyone died but the mariner, he stays alive alone: "alone, alone all, all alone,/ alone on a wide wide sea." Then there a dialog between two sprits which are pulling the ship to the equator. The mariner is then rescued, even though he is seen as the devil but...