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There are two remarkable options for one to choose in order to learn a foreign language: learning in a class and learning on the street. It is essential to evaluate them in terms of the styles of speech, vocabulary and grammar.

Firstly, style of speech makes a big difference between in a class and on the street to be more effective in acquiring a language. In a class, students or whoever wants to learn the language have to speak as how they are supposed to. Teachers give a subject to them to speak; and the talk is usually boring and limited. For example, they may ask students to make a speech about the differences between learning a language in schools and on the street. Moreover, students cannot see the real language since in general instructors are not native speakers, particularly in high schools. As for the style happened on the street, because nearly everyone speaks the language of that city or country; people have to speak that language to communicate with people.

While in schools it is not so effective, on streets learning a language is easier and more effective.

Secondly, vocabulary used in schools and on streets is different in many ways. In schools, words used are certain words and limited again. For instance; many students use the word 'power' rather than 'clout'; because they learn the words in one same way. Therefore we cannot say that this is a true learning. However, on the streets, people bump into a lot of words that they have not even heard. Moreover, they get accustomed to those words by using them in daily speech. Besides this, there is no limitation on streets as in schools. We can say that vocabulary used on streets is more effective and better than...