Lantana: "Like the plant, the movie is twisted" - Speech to the Members of the Australian Film Board on why Lantana is an outstanding representation of Australian values and Attitude.

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Lantana “Like the plant, the movie is twisted”, Lantana maybe a pretty plant on the surface but we all know deep down within it’s self, it’s a twisted mess of problems. This theory is applied in the movie, by letting us take a look into the lives of 4 families, and the way they show “Aussie” mateship and family values.

Good afternoon Members of the Australian Film Board. Today I’m going to prove to you that Lantana, being a dramatic Australian film, is an outstanding representation of Australian values and attitudes. This is displayed through the character Nik, who has been displayed in this film as the typical ‘Aussie bloke’. Who, despite his rough and ready appearance, represents the value of mateship. Also through Leon, who regardless of his unfaithfulness, still values his family and friends.

Nik, a stay-at-home Dad has just been at the pub with a few mates, having the traditional Friday night beer with the boys and AFL game.

This is typical South Australian behaviour as it is known that South Australians love their AFL. Climbing into his rusty Blue Toyota Ute, he knows quite well he has drunk his share for the night, and decides to go the back way home as his wife tipped him off earlier that day that there was a booze bus on the highway.

Driving home it was starting to rain, long shots of the road ahead implies the harsh Australian back roads. There is a light from a phone box and a black figure dashes out in front of the car. The figure runs to the window. Nik could see that the silhouette was one of a woman and felt sorry for her in the rain. As she climbed in she described her situation. This also is expressions of...