Latin America

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Latin America is the region that I chose to do my research on. The main reason why I chose to do my research on Latin America is because their culture interests me the most. There are five countries in Latin America that is very important. The five countries are Mexico, Brazil, The Bahamas, Argentina, and Honduras. All five of these countries play important roles on the entire region.

Mexico is one of the biggest countries in Latin America. Its capital city, which is Mexico City, is the most populated city in the world. Mexico City has 18,000,000 million people living there. Mexico City has actually become less Mexican and more international. There is a lot of English spoken in the particular city. A lot of businesses build companies in Mexico. Mexican workers work for cheap wages and do a good job, so a lot of companies make a lot of profit in Mexico.

Also this increases job opportunities for Mexicans. Since Mexico borders the United States of America a lot of unemployed Mexicans sneaks or is smuggled across the border to work. Also Mexico's has a democratic system where the citizens are allowed to vote. Mexico's political system is not as strong as ours is, but at least it's not communist.

Another important country in Latin America is Brazil. Brazil is one the most diverse countries in Latin America, and quite possibly the world. In Brazil there exists a tremendous range of geographical, racial, cultural, and economic contrasts. Brazil has some of the world's biggest rain forest were a lot of exotic and near extinct animal's lives. There are also a lot of different cultural, and ethic backgrounds in Brazil, which makes it unique. As far as economic wise Brazil is one of the better off countries. The United States...