Latin Grammis Awards

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Is the whole world made up of Latinos? The world is made up of many different cultures. Our culture is different from others, but that doesn't say that we are better than they. Nowadays people fight to see the world united, together. Certainly, we made up unique humankind that can never be change.

Last week many people saw the Latin Grammies Awards. This is a special ceremony where artists receive awards of different categories. Before, we made an activity for the entire artists around the world, but this year a new idea of doing it apart from the others developed. This kind of activity also help artist so they can share and really know better themselves. We, the spectators, can enjoy to see them participating all together.

I think Latinos should be intrigued to the regular ceremony. For me that don't make any sense cause we are like discriminating.

If we make it separate we are taking them out. Our purpose is not to divide them; we want to create a union between Latin artists. It is better if we just do the ceremony with the entire artist around the world. If we fight for what we want we will be able to enjoy it successfully!