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To me the first trait, leadership, is the most important. Without leaders we have no one to set examples and show us the way, nor have we the motivation or encouragement to help us surpass life's obstacles. Some people may say that having two nuclear families is not healthy for a child, but I see if it differently. When I was only 2 years of age, my parents divorced both remarrying other people, adding two more adults to my life. I now had 4 parents guiding and directing me, giving me the chance to view 4 different people and their behaviors. Watching them as I grew and seeing how they reacted to different day-to-day situations, and how they approached obstacles, I was able to see their different qualities. The many qualities I learned from them were: integrity, optimistic, taking risk, tenacious, dedicated, competent, forward looking, fair-minded, and courageous. Without these qualities it is impossible to lead.

The first quality, integrity, is essential. Integrity is doing what you say you will, being trusty worthy. People will not follow someone who has no integrity and cannot actually take them somewhere they say they can. My parents were always honest with me and I could always rely on them, this built a trust bond between us. However, if I was ever dishonest with them and did not tell the truth, I was scolded and had freedoms taken away. From this I learned in order to obtain another persons trust you must be honest with them, doing what you say you will.

The quality of being optimistic also plays a big roll in being a leader. Before people will follow they must have something that draws their attention. Being a pessimistic and thinking badly of things all the time will only turn...