Leadership and how it plays a role in life.

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A significant part of effective leadership is the close connection between the leader and the follower, which often determines the success of the leader's mission. I feel if I am the leader, or the follower, that I have a close connection with everyone and everything I do. I know I have a certain something inside me that makes me stand out a little, take action, and be a positive influence towards others.

In school I feel that I am a well-rounded student who is known by a lot of People. People come to talk to me and seek advice from me. I try to set positive examples and give influential advice. I love to give my opinion and make suggestions. I feel that my opinion could help make a difference and at least it deserves to be heard. I try to get involved with as much school activities that I can and have time for.

I tend occasional class council meetings, prom committee meetings, and participate on the chemistry team. I try to help out and contribute ideas when needed and when asked to.

I have a positive attitude and love to try to share it with others. I love spreading my good moods and speaking what is on my mind. I would love to inspire all who I encounter with good spirits and a strong stand in which they can live by. I take initiative in all I do, especially in school. I am dependable in and out of school and am a person who anyone can approach and speak to. Overall, I believe that I act as a leader towards other because I am a normal young girl who everyone can relate to, and because I can relate to everyone else.

Another leadership quality I possess and have...