Leadership by example.

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Leading By Example

Hylton Kelly

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Management: Theory, Practice, Application


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Leading By Example

The component of a leader requires motivation and vision to command authority and has the wisdom to plan, control, and execute these directives in a leadership manner. The writer C. P. Gurnani emphasizes the teamwork that is desired in order to accomplish each goal. He also stresses the ability of the leader to delegate the respective duties and to respect individual freedoms. He must also have the confidence to motivate the under-performers to transform themselves into achievers. The writer also indicates, that a leaders duty is to foster a spirit of togetherness to facilitate overall employee growth and happiness in the building of the organization. Overall the leader should deliver results even when the odd seems impossible. Leaders are expected to establish a reputation of honesty and integrity and be reliable in order to lead by example (Gurnani, C.

P. 2002).

The credibility of any leader will suffer if under extreme pressure he acts weak and fails to show true leadership. He or she is required to be at the helm, directing with precision, and take control, enabling calm and order to persist. Employees and subordinates seek direction from the leaders who are assigned to police each organization; the decision he or she makes must be critical and consistent in producing financial results for shareholders and stakeholders alike. The anticipated results should be positive for the benefit of the employee and the organization on a whole. Enormous potential benefits can be derived when advance planning and proper control is executed.

Ensuring that equality exist across the board can be rather challenging for some leaders. In my organization, careful planning and effective controls are required, to establish...