The Leadership of Margaret Thatcher, the first woman Prime Minister of Britain.

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Once known as the most unpopular woman in Britain, Margaret Thatcher revived a nation that was in a state of chaos. She was the first woman elected Prime Minister of the country and the only in the 20th century to serve three consecutive terms which was the longest since 1827. Through her extraordinary vision she brought forth radical changes, not just in her country but worldwide. She had a profound and permanent impact on politics and even changed her own Conservative Parties outlook. Through challenging all ideas that were commonplace, she set a catalyst movement for the end of the twentieth century. Her groundbreaking views on monetarism and privatization manifested into one of Britain's biggest contributions to political economics in the world. Transforming a defunct socialist society would prove no easy feat for this revolutionist, but through a unique turn of events a leader rises.

Margaret Thatcher was born on October 13, 1925 in Grantham Lincolnshire, England.

She was the daughter of Alfred Roberts, a grocer who held several political positions in the community. He emphasized hard work and education, which undeniably led to the early formation of Margaret's view of the state surrounding her. She attended the Somerville College and worked her way up to Oxford University where she earned two degrees in chemistry and law, also earning a Master of Arts degree. While at Oxford she became the first woman president of the Oxford Conservative Association, which would prove to be a many of her firsts. After graduating school she worked briefly as a research chemist for a plastics company in Essex, but her heart was in politics. In December 1951, she married Dennis Thatcher a successful owner of a chemical company. After the birth of her twins in 1953, she hired a nanny, and was able to...