Was the League of the Nations a Stupid Idea?

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The President of America, Thomas Woodrow Wilson once stated: "It is not enough just to win the war. We must win it in such a way to keep the future peace of the world." Thus, he helped form the League of Nations in 1920. Theoretically, the establishment of the League of Nations was an excellent idea, for it attempted to prevent wars through discussions, improve people's lives, jobs and public health, ban slavery, and disarm the world in order to bring the ideal peace into the globe. Nevertheless, numerous modern historians criticize the establishment of such organization stating that it was useless and stupid, for its aims were dreams that were beyond God. However, it is not true that the League was unsuccessful due to its high aims. What made the formation of League really stupid were the ineffective ideas that were carried out to form the organization which led made the League's failure inevitable.

Those ideas that were used to form the organization eventually made the general idea of the establishment of the League of Nations also stupid and pointless. There is no doubt that in the beginning the League of Nations was a significant attempt to preserve the global peace between European major powers. However, most importantly, we should notice how the plans carried out by the League made the whole organization worthless. America, the strongest nation in the world never joined, Germany and Russia had been isolated and bullied by the other powers, and the structure of the organization was a complete mess. Eventually, these weaknesses led to the ultimate failure of the League of Nations.

One of the major reasons for the League of Nation's ineffectiveness was due to absence of the strongest nation in the world at the time--America. Although the idea of establishing the...