How I learn.

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I am 24 years old and it seems like I have been in school forever. I hardly remember a time when I was not taking some kind of class or studying to become proficient in something new. As a learner, I tend to pick things up quickly. I have always been able to sit down at a new technology or at a new experience and pick up enough very quickly to get by. Very few distractions can keep me from learning, especially if I focus solely on the subject I am trying to learn. I scored strongly in learning by active experimentation in the LSI test. I like to touch and feel things as well as read about them.

The only things that can keep me from learning are the teachers. Some teachers I have had or very good. They take the time to explain why something must be done a certain way.

They communicate their needs to the class so we can follow. I am not as productive when an instructor has a "my way or the highway attitude." I had a first grade teacher who used to dump all of the things in my desk on the floor and force me to pick up the desk, simply because the desk was messy. I kept it mess on purpose after that and never really fully participated in the class. If a teacher cannot tell the class why they are doing an assignment, the assignment should never have been given.

Because of experiences similar to the desk dumping occurring throughout most of my elementary and middle school years, I never developed a passion for school. I loved to read but would not do it if it were a school assignment. After I flunked out of college, I started trying to...