What I Learned in English this Year

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I now feel after being a student in this class that being successful in business or school requires the ability to organize, arrange, and compose thoughts into a comprehensible format. Without these skills it is impossible to convey thoughts and emotions grammatically. Reflecting on the past eight months, I notice that our English class has taught me skills necessary to develop personal, informative, and persuasive essays. These are essential attributes needed to become successful in today?s society. In previous English classes that I have participated in I never realized that essay writing skills were so important. Because of this class, my attitude toward writing skills has matured into an understanding of what it takes to be a good writer. Without the knowledge of the importance of writing skills, I was just concerned about ?just getting by?. Now, I enjoy the challenge of composing an interesting and thought provoking essay; I find myself developing an essay with my reader in mind, and pondering what might stimulate them to read my work.

This class has awakened my senses and aroused my curiosity in the literary world, and I feel I have made significant strides in my writing process. By the proper use of commas, transitions, and supportive quotes, I transform my mediocre essay into a well composed, interesting literary work.

An interesting literary work must have a flow; this is accomplished by the proper use of transitional phrases. At the beginning of the semester I had no knowledge of what transitional were, but now I find myself spending most of the editing time concerned with how to use them correctly. As I look back on a diagnostic essay that I composed in my previous English class;, I notice areas where transitional phrases could have been helpful. This is shown at...