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The process of exploring the difference of a learning organization and a traditionalorganization, aims the most daunting task for most individual in life (Peter Senge).The authorwill make a differentiation between the two types of organizations, Learning and Traditional.

The author will explain what makes each one significant in its own way.

A "Learning Organization" is one in which people at all levels, individually and collectively,continually increasing at his or her highest capacity to produce results he or she really caresabout. The level of performance in a learning organization is continuous in today'sworld, to make improvements. Organization such as a traditional organization, do not have muchof a clear path for success or even a clear path to follow strategically. Learning to do in learningorganization can be rewarding and personally satisfying. The possibility of a win-win, makes it apart of the attraction. Individuals stay with learning organizations today because of a the possibleof achievement of extraordinary performance, together with satisfaction and fulfillment for theindividuals involved.

Learning Organization is an ideal, a vision. Various organizations or partsof organizations achieves in varying degree. "Contemplate to see that awakened people,while not being enslaved by the work of serving living beings, never abandonhis or her work of serving living beings." (Thich Nhat Hanh ).Individuals that seeks work in alearning organization are "fully awakened" people. The individual engages in this or her work,with need to reach his or her potential. By sharing the vision of a worthy goal with teamcolleagues, The individual have mental models to guide him or her in the pursuit of personalmastery (Peter Senge 1990), and he or she personal goals are in alignment with the mission ofthe learning organization. Working in a learning organization may be far from being a slave to aunsatisfying job; rather, seeing one's work...